5 Beginner Cannabis Mistakes to Avoid on October 17

The upcoming legalization of pot in Canada will have users celebrating. It also means there will be a lot of people trying pot for the very first time. Here are a couple of points to remember to make sure you have the best experience possible.


1. Alcohol Tolerance =/= Weed Tolerance

Beginners often make the mistake of thinking their tolerance for cannabis is the same as alcohol. You might be able to pound down two six-packs no problem, but that doesn’t mean you’ll tolerate a heavy strain on your first try. Start small and see where it takes you. Getting too high when you’re not sure what to expect is not fun.


2. Going in Blind

It pays to do some research on various strains before you go in to buy your first bag of weed. Some people buy a boatload of an unfamiliar strain based on their friends’ suggestions and find it doesn’t do much for them. Spend a bit of time reading up on what’s available (it’s interesting stuff) and don’t spend too much on a strain you’ve never tried.

On the same note…


3. Listen to the Budtender

The person behind the counter knows a lot more about cannabis than you do, and probably more than most of your friends. Assuming they aren’t crazy busy on opening night, ask them to give you a bit of a weed 101 before you buy. A good budtender will be happy to share their wisdom.


4. Don’t Light Up Outside the Dispensary

Just because pot will be legal doesn’t mean you can smoke it just anywhere. Many a beginner in states where it’s legal has made the mistake of lighting up on the sidewalk and got busted. The rules on this are going to differ between provinces and territories. Make sure you know where it’s safe to indulge.


5. Don’t Share a Bud with Just Anybody

From a sanitation point of view, sharing a joint with someone is the equivalent of making out with them. If you wouldn’t be cool with kissing someone, you probably shouldn’t sesh without silicone safe bong mouthpieces. There are a few options out there for mouthpieces, but the most easy to clean sanitary bong mouthpiece is one made of silicone rubber.